Devin Allen

Featuring: Devin Allen

Presented by TIME LightBox, the retrospective of Devin Allen’s work offers an intimate look at life in Baltimore.

Head On Portrait Prize 2015

Featuring: Various Artists

The Head On Portrait Prize is Australia’s most critically acclaimed photographic portrait competition and exhibition. It reflects a vibrant diverse cross-section of new and traditional photographic practices and is one of the highlights of Head On Photo Festival, Australia’s leading photo festival.

Historias del Paraíso

Featuring: Dulce Pinzón

By using out-of-this-time and out-of-context elements, the artist aims to sensitize the audience into caring for the planet and reflecting on the world that we shall leave behind to future generations.

National Geographic Presents: Ebola

Featuring: Peter Muller

To photograph “Stalking a Killer” in the July issue of National Geographic magazine, photographer Pete Muller traveled deep into the remote forest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where bush meat hunters are at risk for being exposed to the Ebola virus to the apex of the killer Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. “Ebola virus is a zoonosis, an especially nasty and perplexing one—killing many of its human victims in a matter of days, pushing others to the brink of death, and then vanishing. Where does it hide, quiet and inconspicuous, between outbreaks?” wrote the story’s author, David Quammen.

National Geographic Presents: High Science

Featuring: Lynn Johnson

Weed, ganja, reefer, Mary Jane, smoke, laughing grass, devil’s lettuce—smoke it, vape it, boil it for tea, make hash for a high or oil for life. Today’s Cannabis is enjoying a new status as legal plant of choice for altered consciousness—the center of a billion dollar industry and real medicine for thousands of people with pain, cancer, seizures and trauma.

National Geographic Presents: Living Goddesses

Featuring: Stephanie Sinclair

In the Kathmandu Valley young Newari girls called kumaris are worshipped as omnipotent deities. These prepubescent girls (in Nepali the word “kumari” means “virgin girl”) are glorified as living goddesses for years at time and are believed to have powers of prescience and the ability to cure the sick (particularly those suffering from blood disorders), fulfill specific wishes, and bestow blessings of protection and prosperity. Above all, they’re said to provide an immediate connection between this world and the divine and to generate in their devotees maitri bhavana—a spirit of loving-kindness toward all. This photographic essay, created for National Geographic, is a rare look into the world of a living goddess.

National Geographic Presents: Still Life

Featuring: Rob Clark

Taxidermy has played an important role in conservation since the 1800s when it gave the public an intimate way to appreciate creatures they might never encounter in the wild. This was a time of plenty when individuals and museums, such as Charles Darwin and the Smithsonian Institution, created vast collections of creatures in the name of science that enhanced our knowledge and appreciation of the natural world.


Featuring: Sebastian Denz

With SKATEBOARDING.3D, Sebastian Denz used a custom-built, large-format stereoscopic camera to create 3D fine-art photographs of professional skateboarders to investigate ideas of physical and emotional space. His work won several awards and was presented in more than 30 exhibitions and art fairs worldwide.

The Geography of Poverty

Featuring: Matt Black

A digital documentary project that combines geotagged photographs with census data to map and document poor communities.

The Mash-Up

Featuring: Cey Adams & Queen Andrea

The Mash Up: In celebration of the Photoville opening night show, Down & Dirty, the UPI team are double-stacking two containers where photographer and curator Janette Beckman has invited celebrated street artists Cey Adams and Queen Andrea to “mash-up” two of her iconic music images larger than life.

Toxic Sites US

Featuring: Brooke Singer

The interactive data visualization and sharing platform,, visually and textually describes the over 1300 Superfund sites across the country, and will premiere at Photoville this year. Related media and workshops highlighting the NYC area Superfund sites will accompany the release.

In an effort to find new ways to feature more photographers and stories, United Photo Industries has invited four respected photo professionals—curator Elizabeth Avedon, curator & editor Stella Kramer, photographer & curator Jamel Shabazz and photographer & educator Jerry Vezzuso—to nominate several photographers to feature their work outside on shipping pallets.

Calle 4 Sur (South Street four) 

Featuring: Antonio Pulgarin

Calle 4 Sur (South Street Four)” focuses on the individuals impacted by the civil war conflict in Colombia. At the age of three my mother and I left our home at Calle 4 Sur, an urban neighborhood located in Bogota, Colombia, in pursuit of a better life.


Featuring: Sara Hylton

Durga explores the resilience, faith, and humanity amid the devastation of the earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25th, 2015.

Fade Resistance

Featuring: Zun Lee

Fade Resistance is an archival project that recontextualizes the storytelling potential of found African American vernacular Polaroid photographs from the 1970s to the early 2000s.

Laws of Silence

Featuring: Jennifer McClure

These pictures come from that emotional space of longing, of wishing for things that never were and might never be. I can only see a feeling clearly when I disarm and immobilize it, pin it to the wall and examine it with the others.

Neither Here Nor There

Featuring: Mark Abramson

The story of Blanca, a young undocumented woman, who grew up picking grapes in the fields of the San Joaquin Valley, struggling to redefine herself as more than just an immigrant, a struggle brought about by legislation and geography. She wants to be an American but the laws won’t let her or her family.

Terrestrial Interjections

Featuring: May Lin Le Goff

May Lin Le Goff’s work in progress examining how human beings project themselves along their own personal journeys

The Disturbing Beauty of Sphynx Cats

Featuring: Alicia Rius

Hairless cats are odd, rare and definitely not known for being ‘beautiful’. Without fluffy and fancy coats, the Sphynx shows what a true cat is in every fold and movement. In this series I explore the beauty of the Sphynx within their oddity.

The People of South Ethiopia

Featuring: Nigel Morris

The portraits you see here, were made out of pride, respect, and my desire to portray the beautiful people of South Ethiopia in a dignified fashion.

Welcome to Dilley

Featuring: Chris Gregory, Natalie Keyssar, Jake Naughton, and Alejandro Torres Viera

Dilley, Texas is home to the largest immigrant detention center in the country. The center brought 600 jobs to the small town, but also a weekly influx of lawyers and volunteers, as well as national notoriety for housing women and children fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries.