20 Emerging European Photographers

Featuring: Lotte Bronsgeest, Daniëlle Celie, Aras Gökten, Arantxa Gonlag, Esther Hessing, Pim Huijsmans, Mascha Joustra, Carla Kogelman, Dagmar Kolatschny, Alexander Krack, Leonardo Magrelli, Misha Pipercic, Katharina Pöhlmann, Alice Smeets, Evert Smit, Sebastian Steveniers, Julie van der Vaart, Lydia Weijers, Christian Werner, Aleksander Willemse Featuring Lotte Bronsgeest, Daniëlle Celie, Aras Gökten, Arantxa Gonlag, Esther Hessing, Pim Huijsmans, Mascha Joustra, Carla Kogelman, Dagmar Kolatschny, Alexander Krack, Leonardo Magrelli, Misha Pipercic, Katharina Pöhlmann, Alice Smeets, Evert Smit, Sebastian Steveniers, Julie van der Vaart, Lydia Weijers, Christian Werner, Aleksander Willemse

International Photo Festival Leiden 2015 presents 20 emerging European Photographers

A Century on the Brooklyn Waterfront

Featuring: Various or Unknown City Appointed Photographers

View rarely seen historical images of the Brooklyn Waterfront from the City’s Municipal Archive.

A Peaceful Rebellion, The Faces of Dissent in Burma

Featuring: Chris Bartlett

Photographer Chris Bartlett and journalist Delphine Schrank combine the ineffable image with the poetry of language to convey the hidden and very human experience of dissidence: of a social movement, until now largely closed from the eyes of the world, whose members dared across five decades of brutally repressive military rule to wrest their country back and deliver it to freedom and democracy.

Age of Uncertainty

Featuring: Dustina Sherbine, Daniel Naman, Molly Flores, Skyler Maggiore, Carly Moreno, Daniel Bracken, Brittany Petronella, Gianna Sergovich, Grace Tyson, Christopher Postlewaite

A group exhibition of lens-based work comprised of current and recent alumni from Purchase College’s BFA and MFA programs.

American Exile: Detained, Deported, and Divided

Featuring: Photographs by Graham MacIndoe, Interviews by Susan Stellin

American Exile is a series of photographs and interviews documenting the stories of immigrants who have been ordered deported from the United States, as well as their family members – often, American citizens – who suffer the consequences of the harsh punishment of exile.

Blast Force Survivors

Featuring: Lynn Johnson

Co-winner of The Fence 2015 Jury’s Choice Prize: “I got blown up.” That’s what they say. “I was right there in the blast seat.” In addition to receiving sophisticated imaging and care from physicians and therapists, soldiers make masks. Making art cracks open the trauma and then knits the brain. The masks, like MRIs of their psyches, make the scars of blast force visible, a first step to healing.

Blood Unquiet

Featuring: Karel Kravik

In his photo essay, Blood Unquiet, Karel Kravik recreates his childhood memories, the urges, dreams and desires from the time. These are his key moments, but they pose questions about the story-like nature of our own fate.

C.O.R.E. // Create Observe Reflect Engage

Featuring: Ethan B. Backer, Taylor Baucom, Cristina Baussan, Natalie Camou, Kirsten Celo, Lenny Christopher, Carli Cichocki, Ben Cleeton, Erika Colbertaldo, Ousman Diallo, Alec Erlebacher, Emma Fierberg, Annie Flanagan, Michelle Gabel, Hong Gao, Jason Greene, Katie Hogin, Alexandra Hootnick, Chris Janjic, Roman Knertser, Maura Lisson, Ryan MacCammon, Manuela Marín Salcedo, Shawn Miller, Laura Mortelliti, Chongyoon Aaron Nah, Sarah Nathan, Andrew Renneisen, Jessica Suarez, Jennifer Swanson, Kristen Tomkowid, Jim Tuttle, Brittany Wait, Shawn Weismiller, Andrea Wise, and Eric Xin

This exhibition highlights the work of photographers from C.O.R.E., a summer experience for graduate and undergraduate students in the Multimedia Photography & Design Department of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.


Featuring: Ellen Kok

In “Cadets” Dutch photographer Ellen Kok explores the importance of the military in American society through the lives of teenagers in a poor region of the USA.

Constructed Identities

Featuring: Liz Arenberg, Mia Berg, Nicholas Calcott, Sean Carroll, Maureen Drennan, Sara Fox, Sara Macel, Minta Maria, Tim Melideo, and Charlotte Strode

A group of ten Brooklyn artists explore the theme of “Constructed Identities” through their interaction with the world around them and how the environment and culture shapes they see themselves.

Data Rush

Featuring: Mari Bastashevski & Mark Curran

In DATA RUSH international photographers and multimedia artists examine the digital world in which we are immersed, and the field of tension between freedom and control in a virtual world.

Diagram of the Heart

Featuring: Glenna Gordon

Diagram of the Heart features images of Muslim romance novelists in Northern Nigeria and the daily life they describe in their popular books.

Documentary China

Featuring: Yuyang Liu and Souvid Datta

The Abigail Cohen Fellowship in Documentary Photography supported the work of two photographers to address the issues of migrant labor and environmental pollution, both of which pose serious challenges to China’s future and impact its relations with the rest of the world.

Down and Dirty

Curated by: Janette Beckman

Curated by Iconic Music Photographer Janette Beckman — celebrating music photography from over four decades featuring acclaimed photographers such as…

En Plein Air

Featuring: Edoardo Delille and Gabriele Galimberti

Co-Winners of The Fence 2015 Jury’s Choice: In Rio de Janeiro, sports are life and life is not a spectator sport.

Enhancing Lives Through Photography

Featuring: Josephine Herrick Project Participants, Josephine Herrick Project Teaching Photographers, and Josephine Herrick

This exhibition features photography by JHP program participants from 18 community partnerships, JHP teaching photographers and by JHP’s founder Josephine Herrick.

Face the Dutch / Contemporary Photography of The Netherlands

Featuring: Jenny Boot, Paul Breuker, Gitte Brugman, Cleo Campert, Fieke van Dieren, Ton Dirven, Nelske Elzer, Aloys Ginjaar, Anton Havelaar, Rudi Huisman, Jasper Juinen, Mariska Karto, Wim Koen, Carla Kogelman, Margaret Lansink, Elmer van der Marel, Marinka Masséus, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Imke Panhuijzen, Lilian van Rooij, Maartje Roos, Patricia Steur, Tina van Turnhout, Astrid Verhoef, Edgar Verhoeven, Edel Verzijl, Jac Weerts, and Bastiaan Woudt.

The Image Culture has changed since the rise of internet and digital enhancement, and smartphones have skyrocketed visual communication. Therewith came a generation of photographers who shape reality, and their culture, in a new fashion.

Faces of the Ferry: A Day Aboard the East River Ferry

Featuring: Various Artists

We do it all the time. In a subway car. On a bus. In a movie theater. Standing in line to order a caramel frappuccino. Waiting for our number to be called at the DMV. And on the ferry.

We look around and wonder to ourselves, “Who are these people?’

This exhibition offers a glimpse into the wide range of everyday people who interact with New York’s East River Ferry, on any given day. It just so happens that this day was Wednesday, August 26th, 2015.

Whether they’re commuters, foreign or domestic tourists, nanny’s with strollers, or individuals just killing the day, these people momentarily become the heartbeat of this leading transportation alternative, in the greatest city in the world. With their plans for the upcoming day in mind (along with mobile devices, a map, and possibly a beverage in hand), they often exchange only a fleeting glance with those around them. It goes no further than that. It doesn’t really need to. That would be like crossing some unwritten line of privacy.

The collection you see here dives a little deeper into just who uses this river and rides this ferry from day-to-day…on any day.
Press the shutter. Freeze the action. Ask a question.

In observing and learning more about the people we pass by on a daily basis, we’re reminded that most people’s human experiences
are anything but ordinary…as are they themselves.

FEARLESS: Portraits of LGBT Student Athletes

Featuring: Jeff Sheng

FEARLESS is a 13-year photo series by artist Jeff Sheng about openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender student athletes. It features over 200 student athletes and was just published as a memoir and photography book with an afterword essay by retired NBA basketball player Jason Collins.

FIT BFA Senior Thesis Projects 2015

Featuring: Diego Bendezu, Angelina D-auguste, Meg Farrell, Alex Jiang, Holly Jo Schnaudigel, Jordan Tiberio, Tudor Vasilescu, and Erin Yamagata

The images exhibited by FIT are culled from the 2015 FIT Photography BFA Thesis exhibition.

Flora & Fauna

Featuring: Andrea Bakacs, Federico Ciamei, Ramsay de Give, Brooke DiDonato, Mediha DiMartino, Yurko Dyachyshyn, Jon Feinstein, Fiona Filipidis, Sophie Gamand, Kari Herer, Winky Lewis, Kevin McCollum, Emma McEvoy, Ruairidh McGlynn, Yiğithan Özden, Liam Sinnott, Elizabeth Stowe, Kate Sweeney, Hajdu Tamas, Meg Wachter, Sarah Wilmer, and Thomas Wilson

Flora & Fauna, presented by the photography website Feature Shoot, is a show about plants and animals curated by Feature Shoot’s 24K+ Instagram followers.

Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play (Gitmo on Sale)

Featuring: Debi Cornwall

Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play (Gitmo on Sale) explores the grim absurdity of daily life in a place where nobody has chosen to live: the U.S. Naval Base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.


Featuring: Paolo Ciregia, Giles Clarke, Glenna Gordon, Talia Herman, Mario Kaiser, Andrew Renneisen, Katia Repina, Joseph Rodriguez, Marieke van der Velden, Patrick Willocq, and Theo Zierock
Presented by Narratively

Insider. Outsider. We tend to think of them as polar opposites. But the labels we covet and stick onto others are nothing, if not a reflection of perspective.

Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración

Featuring: Juried Winners Collection

American Illustration-American Photography (AI-AP), producers of the leading juried annuals in North America, announces its 4th annual competition to honor the best work being created today in or about Latin America.

Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows at Photoville 2015

Featuring: Amanda Berg, Noah Hendler, Kate Joyce, Emma Raynes, Amanda Van Scoyoc, and Sarah Stacke

The Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows program connects the talents of young documentarians with the resources and needs of organizations serving women, youth, and their communities around the world. The Hine Program exemplifies a longstanding commitment to youth-focused work at the Center for Documentary Studies.

Live, Love, Limbo

Featuring: Omar Imam and Natalie Naccache

Bringing together the dreams and anxieties of Syrian refugees who yearn to return to their country, Omar Imam and Natalie Naccache give us two very distinct and powerful perspectives on exile, and the inner landscapes of those who have lost their native homes.


Featuring: Mark Mann

A beautiful selection of celebrity portraits by renowned photographer Mark Mann.

New York’s New Abolitionists

Featuring: Lynn Savarese

The New York’s New Abolitionists project seeks to raise awareness around human trafficking by recognizing and honoring those who are actively involved in the effort to combat this scourge and provide services to victims, as well as prominent figures willing to take a public stand to condemn modern-day slavery.

NYC Salt: Preserving art education through teen photography programming

Featuring: Rami Abouemira, Saida Blair, Ashley Bordoy, Jason Bravo, Austin Canales, Kayla Cerda, Sindra DeJesus, Sterling Diaz, Nia Gordon, Danny Martinez, Rashawn Meeks, Nora Molina, Christian Ogando, Kamal Robinson,Christian Rodriguez, Allyssa Rubino, Malike Sidibe, Irvin Vega, and Henry Zapata

Celebrating the passion of youth in photography through technology and keeping art in education in NYC.

Objects and Subjects in 2015

Featuring: Mike Bailey-Gates, Dana Davenport, Juniper Flemming, Logan Jackson, Zak Krevitt, Ken Lavey, Molly Matalon, Signe Pierce, Tim Shutsky, Jake Sigl, and Ian Stoner

Each artist invited to participate in this show uses the photographic medium as a platform of power to address topics of identity – gender, sexuality, and the body, to name a few.


Featuring: Janette Beckman

Omaha Nebraska seemed to be a “Tale of Two Cities” divided by economics and culture, having the wealthiest and the poorest people per capita in the United States, and I wanted to make portraits of the folks who lived there.

On Restaging…

Featuring: Rebecca Arthur, Mike Berlin, Bryan Denton, Rose DeSiano, Myles Golden, Lindsay He, Moogy Seungwoo Kim, Diane Meyer, Nicole Motta, Lorie Novak, Karl Peterson, Alice Proujansky, Hank Willis Thomas, and Deborah Willis

An exhibition of 14 photo-based projects by New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Department of Photography and Imaging Faculty, Alumni and Students that re-imagines war, beauty, landscape, identity and history.

PDN’s 30 2015: Our Choice of New and Emerging Photographers to Watch

Featuring: Alejandro Cegarra, Amanda Mustard, Andrew B. Myers, Anna Beeke, Annalisa Natali Murri, Antoine Bruy, Benjamin McMahon, Christaan Felber, Clarissa Bonet, Dina Oganova, Erin O’Keefe, Jennilee Marigomen, Jonno Rattman, Katrina Tang, Keith Yahrling, Malin Fezehai, Maurizio Di Iorio, McNair Evans, Michael Clinard, Molly Lamb, Pascal Shirley, Paul Colangelo, Peter Bohler, Philip Montgomery, Rus Anson, Ryan Lowry, Sara Macel, Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, Sarker Protick, and Yeong-Ung Yang

Each year, the editors of PDN select 30 emerging photographers who represent a variety of styles and genres and have demonstrated a distinctive vision, creativity, and versatility.

Photography In Ethiopia (PIE)

Featuring: Aida Muluneh, Aron Simeneh, Dawit Tibebu, Hilina Abebe, Netsanet Fekadu, Mekbib Tadesse, Belete Aklilu, Belete Tekle (posthumously), Desta “Keremela” Getu, Girma Berta, and Yafet Daniel

Photography In Ethiopia (PIE) is a portal to show not only Ethiopian photography by Ethiopian photographers, but also a tool to promote the image of Ethiopia to the global community through a balanced perspective.

Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down

Featuring: Eugene Richards

Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down speaks of life in the Arkansas Delta forty years go and today. Black-and-white photographs made long years ago are interwoven with recent color photographs and, in turn, with a short story.

Scenes From the Ebola Crisis

Featuring: Daniel Berehulak

Daniel Berehulak’s award winning series on scenes from the Ebola crisis in West Africa, presented by The New York Times Lens Blog

Shared Value

Featuring: Alexandra Bourassa, Michael Difeo, Arash Fewzee, Benjamin Freedman, Elizabeth Harnarine, Annaleena Keso, Fernanda Kock, Alex Kwok, Kyle Meyer, Varvara Mikushkina, Cecilia Mezulic, Charles Park, Sebastian Perinotti, CHR!S REEL, Rowena Rubio, Teddie Sun, Steve Xiao, and Mengting Zhou

In Shared Value, Parsons MFA Photography students consider ways in which the value of images change as their context changes in circulation.

Stags, Hens & Bunnies, A Blackpool Story

Featuring: Dougie Wallace / INSTITUTE

Blackpool, a Northern English town once the granddaddy of the seaside resorts. It has now an unenviable reputation for its stag and hen parties. A dirty great whorl of debauchery, licentiousness, laughter, vomit, furry handcuffs, fancy dress and drunken oblivion. Turned every weekend into the heart of social darkness.


Featuring: Luceo

Submerged is a video installation that envisions our world from the constantly shifting perspective of just below the rippling surface of a quiet pond. The accouterments of the installation enhance the experience for those viewing the projection.

Talking Photography

Featuring: Various Artists

Roads & Kingdoms presents “Talking Photography”, an audio-visual incarnation of the award-winning online magazine’s weekly interviews with photojournalists from across the world.

The Getty Images Legacy Collection

Featuring: Various Artists

A group show highlighting the very best of Creative, News, Sport, Entertainment and Archive imagery illustrating our photographic heritage through award winning images shot over the past two decades and marking our 20th anniversary.

The Iron Closet

Featuring: Misha Friedman

Being gay in Russia is lonely and extremely dangerous. Being different is not celebrated. It is prosecuted.

Too Young To Wed | Photographs by Stephanie Sinclair

Featuring: Stephanie Sinclair

An exhibition of photographs by Award-winning photographer Stephanie Sinclair who first stumbled upon the issue of child marriage more than a decade ago while on assignment in Afghanistan, and she’s been committed to documenting it worldwide ever since.

Upstate Girls: Unraveling Collar City

Featuring: Sabrina Cardenales, Billie Jean Hill, Brenda Ann Kenneally, Breyanna King, Terri Mason, James Miles, Jessica Schubart, Chantell Secore, Matthew Allan Solomon, Robert Stocklas Jr., Dana Marie Wells, Elliott Wells, Anne Marie Wood, and Heather Redcross

Living history vs. ephemeral work of art, The Unraveling Collar City People’s History Project goes to the emotional intersection of personal and political to compile a nuanced transmedia document of Post Industrial America in the 2000s.


Featuring: Peace Corps Volunteers

Vantage is a series of vignettes, captured from the perspective of Peace Corps Volunteers, that offers an intimate look into cultural exchange as a tenet of serving overseas.

VSCO Artist Initiative™

Featuring: Amy Lombard, Chris and Jonathan Schoonover, James Robertson, Josh Wool, Leo Martinez, Mustafah Abdulaziz, Natalie McComas, Nirav Patel, Nour El Refai, and Yumna Al-Arashi

A $1,000,000 USD grant and movement of solidarity that provides artists the resources to pursue their creative vision, no matter what the medium. The Initiative honors art and artist by discovering, funding, advising, and promoting creatives from all corners of the globe.

When Living Is a Protest

Featuring: Radcliffe Roye

Recently news of Black men and women being killed by some members of law enforcement has raised the consciousness of this country to see how black folks have been living. With the increase in social media platforms and the use of smart phones to both document and record everyday life, the United States and the World on a whole are seeing first hand the evidence of complaints that can be traced back to the death of Emmett Till.

WWII Chinese Veterans

Featuring: Li Qiang

A large scale project documenting around 50 Chinese WWII veterans, presented by Yiheimage from China, a community of professional photographers.