Daylight Book Signing

Location: Photoville Beer Garden

Date: Saturday, September 19th

Time: 5:00PM-7:00PM

Featuring: John Arsenault, Anna Beeke, Jesse Burke, Jess Dugan, Todd Forsgren, Lili Holzer-Glier, Malcolm Linton, and Jon Cohen

Presented by: Daylight

Please join us for a pre-launch book signing for Daylight’s Fall 2015 titles including John Arsenault: Barmaid, Anna Beeke: Sylvania, Jesse Burke: Wild and Precious, Jess Dugan: Every Breath We Drew, Todd Forsgren: Ornithological Photographs, Lili Holzer-Glier: Rockabye, Malcolm Linton & Jon Cohen: Tomorrow is a Long Time. The artists will be present to chat, answer questions and sign books.

Daylight-only-logo Daylight is a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing art and photography books. By exploring the documentary mode along with the more conceptual concerns of fine art, Daylight’s uniquely collectible publications work to revitalize the relationship between art, photography, and the world-at-large.

#ICPworkshop InstaReview at Photoville

Location: Photoville Pavilion

Date: Saturday, September 19th

Time: 5:00PM-6:30PM

Moderators: Ulli Barta, Fabrice Nadjari (Studio 55)

Panelists: Anka Itskovich, Malin Fezehai, Glenna Gordon, and Katie Orlinsky

In this workshop participants of all experience levels will be able to explore the different sides of Instagram photography. Instagram photographers with a minimum of 80K+ followers will share their own success story, tips, and tricks in a presentation. They will share with the audience how they grew their following, how they tell their story and how / if they were able to monetize their Instagram fame. Last but not least the experts will give an – InstaReview – of five Instagram feeds of volunteers—and give criticism, feedback, suggestions and ideas on how to improve these Instagram feeds.

The workshop participants will learn HOW TO best use the application, its technical possibilities and challenges, HOW TO grow their following and network, and HOW TO constitute a visual identity of their own.

If you wish to submit your feed for the InstaReview, please fill out this form.

While this panel does not require advance registration, seating in the Photoville Pavilion is first come first served so we recommend you arrive promptly.

Studio55_Ulli Barta and Fabrice Nadjari_WEB04STUDIO 55, @st55nyc, the brainchild of Ulli Barta and Fabrice Nadjari, is a creative studio who conceives, initiates, consults, (re)positions, curates and connects. We create and curate cultural content for unusual people.

Anka Itskovich _WEB05Anka Itskovich @the_line_up
Fashion Stylist and creator of @the_line_up , an Instagram project that focuses on the 'street' in street style, on real people with true personal style and documents originality and creativity of New York City's vibrant youth culture.
119K + followers on instagram

Malin Fezehai.jpeg_WEB03Malin Fezehai, @malinfezehai
An Eritrean/Swedish New York based photographer and filmmaker, bouncing around the middle-east, Africa, Europe and America.

Her career started in her native country of Sweden, where she studied photography before moving to New York to attend the International Center of Photography. Her work focuses on communities of displacement and dislocation around the world. She’s filmed on the sinking islands of Kiribati, photographed underage workers in Ethiopia, and reported on the war torn lives of women in Sri Lanka. In 2014, her work on the African asylum seekers living life in detention centers in Southern Israel was LightBox feature for TIME magazine.

Malin has been the recipient of a 2015 World Press Photo Award, the Wallis Annenberg Prize and was named one of the 30 Emerging Photographers to watch in 2015 by Photo District News. Her image depicting a Wedding of Eritrean Refugees in Israel was the first iPhone image to ever receive a World Press Photo Award.

Some of her clients include TIME, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Fader Magazine, Nike. She is also a contributor to the Everydayusa Instagram feed.
140K followers on instagram

Glenna Gordon.jpeg_WEB01Glenna Gordon, @glennagordon
Glenna Gordon is a documentary photographer working often in Africa and elsewhere on her own projects as well as assignments and commissions for clients including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, Time, Newsweek, and others. She’s crashed dozens of Nigerian weddings, documented Liberia’s post war growth for many years, photographed artifacts of kidnapped persons – from the school girls abducted by Boko Haram to Westerns held by ISIS and Al Qaeda. Her most recent project is on Muslim women writing romance novels in Northern Nigeria, which is on show here at Photoville and will be released as a photo book by Red Hook Editions on December 1. She’s won a World Press Award, as well as accolades from LensCulture, PX3, PDN, Flash Forward, International Photography Awards, American Photo, and others. Her work has been shown in galleries and exhibits in NewYork, Washington DC, Lagos, Cape Town, Istanbul, and elsewhere. She is also an adjunct professor at the New School in the Milano Graduate Program of International Affairs.
80K+ followers on Instagram

Katie Orlinsky_WEB02Katie Orlinsky, @katieorlinsky
A photographer and cinematographer from New York City. She received a bachelors degree in Political Science and Latin American Studies from Colorado College and a Masters degree in Journalism from Columbia University. Katie’s long-held interest in international politics and a desire to raise awareness on social issues originally led her to photography, and after college she moved to Mexico where she got her start as a photojournalist. Since then Katie has photographed personal projects, assignments and documentaries all over the world.

Katie regularly works for the New York Times, the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera America and a variety of international magazines and non-profit organizations such as the Too Young to Wed organization and campaign to end child marriage around the world. She has won numerous awards such as the 2014 ADC Young Guns Award, the 2013 PDN 30’s “New and Emerging Photographers to Watch," The Alexia Foundation 2012 Student Grant, The 2011 POYI Emerging Vision Incentive Award, the 2010 Prix Ani-PixPalace and the 2009 Coup de Couer at Visa Pour L’image. Katie is currently an Artist In Residence with the Levine/Leavitt artists' agency.
55K followers in Instagram

studio_55_logo_medium (2)

Drop In: Happy Hour Film Processing

Location: Activity Tent

Date: Saturday, September 19th

Time: 4:00PM-7:00PM

Featuring: George Campbell

Presented by: Presented by ORWO

ORWO Daylight Spool
Join ORWO North America for a demonstration of new and experimental film processing techniques.

LogoLeadORWO North America manufactures 16mm & 35mm B&W film used to document and preserve art, culture and history.

Our truest intentions are to support the cinematography, sound recording, archival, photographic and lab/processing industry, by supplying the highest quality film product available.

Behind the Scenes: The Photo Editor

Location: Photoville Pavilion

Date: Saturday, September 19th

Time: 3:30PM-4:30PM

Featuring: Nina Berman (Moderator), Meaghan Looram, Paul Moakley, Amy Pereira, and Vaughn Wallace

For photographers, photo editors are gateways to getting their stories before a larger audience. This panel will look at the process from the photo editor’s perspective – we’ll dissect what it takes for a story to go from idea to print. Once they have story concept, how does an editor champion this all the way to publication? How have they been successful in navigating this system and what are their challenges?

While this panel does not require advance registration, seating in the Photoville Pavilion is first come first served so we recommend you arrive promptly.

ninaberman_displayimage_WEB01Nina Berman is a documentary photographer, author and educator, whose photographs and videos have been exhibited at more than 100 venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and Dublin Contemporary. She is the author of two monographs: Purple Hearts – Back from Iraq, and Homeland, which examine the aftermath of war and the militarization of American life. She is a member of the NOOR photo collective and is an associate professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

LOORAM1091 (1)_WEB Meaghan Looram is the deputy photo editor at The New York Times. She is a front-page editor and oversees the newspaper’s staff of 45 photo editors as well as many of its most ambitious photography projects, including “A Year at War”, “One in 8 Million” and the annual Year in Pictures.

PeterHapakPaul Moakley has been the Deputy Director of Photography and Visual Enterprise of TIME since 2010. He covers national news and special projects such as Person of the Year. Previously he was senior photo editor at Newsweek and photo editor of PDN (Photo District News). Moakley is a photographer and filmmaker and in 2015 won first place in World Press Photo in the Short Feature category. He lives at the Alice Austen House Museum, home of one of America’s earliest photographers, as caretaker and curator of the museum.

Amy Pereira has been the Director of Photography at MSNBC since 2013 when she launched the photography department and visual direction of the new Her focus is on documentary photography and visual storytelling with an emphasis on issues surrounding social justice. Prior to her current position she was the Senior Photo Editor at Newsweek International for 10 years and the editor of multiple books of photography. Most recently she has been working on a feature with photographer Matt Black called Geography of Poverty.

vaughn_wallace_headshot_WEB02 Vaughn Wallace has been the Deputy Photo Editor at Al Jazeera America since early 2014, overseeing long-term features, projects and international commissions on the web. He was previously the staff producer of LightBox and an associate photo editor at TIME. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he studied journalism and the rhetoric of historic and contemporary photography.

Documenting Natural Resources and Climate Change: Photography as a Tool for Education and Activating Change

Location: Photoville Pavilion

Date: Saturday, September 19th

Time: 2:15PM-3:15PM

Presented by: VSCO

Featuring: Janos Pasztor (Moderator), Mustafah Abdulaziz, James Whitlow Delano


As the world faces global climatic change, photographers are using photography to tell stories and mobilize action. It is easy to ignore the magnitude of environmental impacts and climate change when people cannot see them on a daily basis. Digital channels and social media play an important role in bringing otherwise distant issues to the forefront. Photographers can now act as social change agents and visual storytellers, capturing the relationship between humans and natural resources in an evocative way that educates and promotes change from the ground up.

In effort to create direct dialogue between journalists and policy makers, photographers Mustafah Abdulaziz and James Whitlow Delano will discuss their ongoing photography projects on water and climate change with moderator, Janos Pasztor, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Climate Change. Each photographer will present their projects before engaging in a timely discussion around photography as a means for shifting the narrative on climate change, environmental solutions as well as individual and collective action.

Related Exhibitions:
Mustafah Abdulaziz – VSCO Artist Initiative™
James Whitlow Delano – EverydayClimateChange / Photographers from 6 continents documenting climate change on 7 continents.

Mr. Janos Pasztor_WEBJanos Pasztor is currently Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change in the Executive Office of the Secretary-General (EOSG) of the United Nations in New York. A national of Hungary (and later also of Switzerland), he received his MS and BS degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Previously, his assignments included Policy and Science Director for Conservation at WWF International and Executive Secretary of the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Global Sustainability.

Mustafah_WEB01 Mustafah Abdulaziz b. 1986, New York City, USA. Lives in Berlin, Germany. His on-going project “Water” has received support from the United Nations, WaterAid, WWF, and VSCO, has been reviewed by Phaidon, Monopol and published in Der Spiegel, The New Yorker, TIME and The Guardian. Worked as the first contract photographer for The Wall Street Journal. In 2012, was named one of PDN’s 30 Emerging Photographers to Watch.

James Whitlow Delano_WEB01 James Whitlow Delano has lived in Asia for over 20 years. His work has been awarded internationally: the Alfred Eisenstadt Award (from Columbia University and Life Magazine), Leica’s Oskar Barnack, Picture of the Year International, NPPA Best of Photojournalism, PDN and others for work from China, Japan, Afghanistan and Burma, etc. His first monograph book, Empire: Impressions from China was the first ever one-person show of photography at La Triennale di Milano Museum of Art. The Mercy Project / Inochi his charity photo book for hospice received the PX3 Gold Award and the Award of Excellence from Communication Arts. His work has appeared in magazines and photo festivals on five continents. His latest award-winning monograph book, Black Tsunami: Japan 2011 (FotoEvidence) explored the aftermath of Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear disaster. He’s a grantee for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, for work documenting the destruction of equatorial rainforests and human rights violations of indigenous inhabitants there. In 2015, Delano founded EverydayClimateChange Instagram feed.

VSCOA $1,000,000 USD grant and movement of solidarity that provides artists the resources to pursue their creative vision, no matter what the medium. The Initiative honors art and artist by discovering, funding, advising, and promoting creatives from all corners of the globe.

Photography Restaged

Location: Photoville Pavilion

Date: Saturday September 19th

Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM

Featuring: Saul Ostrow (Moderator), Rose DeSiano, Lori Nix, and Lorie Novak

Artist Lori Nix, Lorie Novak and Rose DeSiano talk with critic and curator Saul Ostrow about contemporary photographers practices of “Re-Staging”. By employing handmade miniatures, reenacted theatrics and, elaborately staged room installations these three artists draw attention to the uncanny state of the real world.

Since 1999, Lorie Novak has been analyzing New York Times images appearing “above the fold”, Novak has noticed history repeating itself in the form of recurring image tropes. Carefully, she physically sorts, reorganizes and re-stages these newspapers in front of the lens. By re-photographing them in their new state, she questions how our world-views are heavily mediated through a very limited range of reoccurring photographic messages.

Hyper aware of these exact same tropes, Rose photographs 20th-century war reenactments carefully considering the compositions and lens optics originally implemented during the historic battles. Back in her studio, DeSiano splices and reorganizes them into realistic singular compositions as a nod to these motifs and an examination of how we visually represent our own histories.

As a child in the rural Midwest Lori Nix was witness to countless natural disasters. Now living in New York, Nix carefully observes the ever-changing urbanscape. Pulling from both her real world observations and photographic tropes, she constructs intricate table top environments in front of the lens, which draw attention to the absurdities of life.

While this panel does not require advance registration, seating in the Photoville Pavilion is first come first served so we recommend you arrive promptly.

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On Restaging…

ostrow- portrait Saul Ostrow is an art critic, curator and self-described “opinionated bastard” originally from New York.In 2012 he founded Critical Practices Inc. a non-profit organization committed to facilitating critical discourse. His writings have been published in numerous art magazines, journals, catalogs, and books in the U.S. and Europe. He is the Art Editor at Large for BOMB Magazine and, was the editor of the book series Critical Voices in Art, Theory and Culture published by Routledge and the journal Lusitania. Ostrow has curated over 80 art exhibitions in the US and abroad since 1987. These include such exhibitions as Working Digitally: no Websites Please at The Center For Visual Arts and Culture, University of Connecticut and Modeling the Photographic: The Ends of Photography for the McDonough Museum of Art located in Youngstown, Ohio. As an art instructor Ostrow has taught at The School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute, served as the Director of the Center of Visual Art and Culture at The University of Connecticut and as acting head of the MFA studio program at New York University. He was the chair of Visual Arts and Technologies at The Cleveland Institute of Art.

Bio_DeSiano_WEB Rose DeSiano is a photographer who uses alternative processes and the visual allure of the digitally reconstructed photograph. Her work is concerned with the photographic collective consciousness and the long, tangled history of the photograph as a record keeper and myth maker. Most recently, DeSiano has been photographing the visual pageantry of war re-enactments in the United States. In 2015, she received a Pennsylvania (PASSHE) grant that will allow her to continue this body of work internationally. She has shown extensively in the United States in exhibitions organized by influential contemporary curators such as Nathan Trotman of Guggenheim Museum and Lilly Wei of Art in America. Internationally, her work has been exhibited in Spain (International Biennial of Photography), China (Orange Changsha Photo Festival) and the Netherlands. DeSiano’s work has appeared in publications including The New Photo Review and UK’s Aesthetica magazine. In 2014, she was a finalist for the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, an international award for women in photography. She received her MFA from Art Center, Los Angeles, and her BFA from NYU-Tisch School of the Arts. When not crawling in the mud of “staged trenches”, she lives in Brooklyn and is Professor of Photography at Kutztown University.

lorinix (1) Lori Nix is fascinated by the intersection of the natural and manmade worlds that surrounds her. They react to and inform each other in meaningful ways that we still can’t fully comprehend. Her work examines this coexistence and its potential future in the face of a rapidly changing environment. Through the construction of dioramas Lori explore nature’s strength and perseverance in man’s absence. Painstakingly created in miniature, these constructed scenes raise awareness and inspired reflection on our everyday actions and means of survival. Lori is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally at the Museum of Arts and Design, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Museum Schloss Moyland in Germany, ClampArt Gallery in New York, the George Eastman House and other venues. Lori is a 2014 John S. Guggenheim Fellow and a 2010 and 2004 NYFA Artist Grant recipient and a current Smack Mellon Studio Artists in residence.

novak Lorie Novak is an artist and Professor of Photography & Imaging at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University and Associate Faculty at The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. She has been in numerous exhibitions, and is the recipient of grants and fellowships including residencies at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center (Italy), Bogliasco Foundation, (Italy); ArtSway (England), and Mac Dowell Colony (US). Her photographs are in numerous permanent collections including the Art Institute of Chicago; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, AZ; The Jewish Museum, and Museum of Modern Art, NY. HerRandom Interference installation was exhibited in the inaugural Photoville in 2012. Novak uses various technologies of representation to explore issues of memory and transmission, shifting cultural meanings of photographs, and the relationship between the intimate and the public. Her Web project, 1996-present, exploring how family photographs shape our memory, was one of the earliest interactive storytelling sites. She is the founder and director of Future Imagemakers (www., a free participatory photography project for New York City area high school students taught by NYU students and faculty.

Drop In: Science and Tech Expo

Location: Activity Tent

Date: Saturday, September 19th

Time: 12:00PM-4:00PM

Featuring: Guerrilla Science and Evolving Technology Corporation

Presented by: The Made in NY Media Center by IFP


The Photoville Science & Tech Expo is a new, interactive initiative to bring cutting edge and energetic tech projects, storytelling platforms and new media companies to Photoville! Inspired by memories of a middle school science fair, several incubator companies at the Made in NY Media Center will set up shop and show off what they can do in a classic, lo-fi environment. Join us for new technology demonstrations and activities!

new_mc_logo (1)The Made in NY Media Center by IFP is a unique collaboration between the Made in NY business initiative, celebrating entrepreneurial innovation and content creation in New York City, and the Independent Filmmaker Project, the nation’s oldest and largest organization of independent filmmakers. We are a new kind of co-working space and exhibition venue designed to connect and incubate the next generation of artists and creators.

Whether your field of work is film, television, gaming, social media, advertising, design, animation, music, mobile apps, transmedia, and more, we’re here to help you tell your story — through multiple mediums and across powerful new platforms.


gs_logo_primarylockup_pos_CMYKGuerilla Science creates inspirational installations for festivals, museums, galleries, and other cultural partners. We connect people with science in new ways by producing experiences that challenge and entertain.

ETC_Logo_1600x900 Loren Abdulezer is an innovator in technology. He has been developing software for immersive 360 video, virtual reality, and augmented reality. He will be demonstrating various techniques for producing interactive immersive videos.

Workshop: Sharp Shooters – Sports and Action Photography Workshop

Location: Photoville Pavilion

Date: Saturday, September 19th

Time: 12:00PM-2:30PM

Featuring: Anthony Causi

In this new and interactive workshop, participants will venture out into the world and learn from experienced sports and action photographers how to capture the classic moments and get great shots from constantly moving subjects.

This is a BYOC (bring-your-own-camera) workshop that will meet for a brief intro and slideshow session in the Photoville Pavillion before heading out to the soccer fields and basketball courts of Brooklyn Bridge Park. After 1-1.5 hours of on-location shooting, there will be an optional wrap up / open critique session where participants can share their best shots with the rest of the group and gain feedback from the instructors.

Click Here to Register for this Event.

antho2 Anthony J Causi is an award winning photojournalist who has been covering professional sports in the New York area for over the past Twenty years. His images have appeared on the the covers of magazines and newspapers and have also appeared on television and movies.