Migrant Camera

On Sunday 9/28, Sol Aramendi will bring the Migrant Camera to Photoville. The Migrant Camera is a nomadic camera obscura tent inspired by worker shelters aesthetics built by Union and undocumented workers.

Dark Heights

Harper’s Magazine asked Lowy to cover the Sochi Olympics in a unique way, to visualize the games in a way others weren’t. Much of that involved him trying to spy new angles, to see the sports and athletes as compositional elements, to see their movements less as competition and more as a grand ballet.

The Geography of Youth

Photographers Morrigan McCarthy and Alan Winslow spent three years traveling the world by bicycle and camper and the result is an interactive, participatory exhibition exploring the thoughts and faces of the Millennial generation worldwide.

Head On Portrait Prize 2014

Head On Portrait Prize was established in 2004 with the aim of giving the public and photographers, both well and less known, more opportunities to view and exhibit high quality photographic portraits. Today it is one of the biggest and most respected annual displays of portraiture in Australia and the pivotal part of Head On Photo Festival, Australia’s leading photography festival.

People of the Horse

Erika Larsen’s compelling images of Native Americans and their horses represent an enduring tradition as well as a contemporary source of pride.

Photo Stand-Ins

Who doesn’t love a photo stand-in? And who doesn’t love music? So when you put some of the most iconic images of our most famous musicians together and add YOU – it’s just magic! We are so honored to have been able to access the amazing and diverse image archive of Photos.com* to create these photo stand-ins you see dispersed throughout the Photoville grounds. So step up and get your photo taken, and let’s rock n’ roll!

Mimage-Matic Features

A study in motion and multimedia 3D projections by Ed Kimball based on the spontaneous interaction and movement of a visitor to The Yellow Trailer Art Gallery as the visitor turns this experience into a powerful moment of self-expression.

Residual Images

A collection of photographs by FDNY firefighter Michael Redpath who documented the recovery of Ground Zero after September 11th, 2001 which were transformed a decade later by the murky flood water of Hurricane Sandy, fossilizing the two tragic events in his negatives.The images depicting first responders atop twisted steel surrounded by psychedelic splotches, inverted colors and abstract water spots on corroded emulsion will be projected as a slideshow installation.

Side Effects & Waving

Kowalski analyzes the essence of landscapes, which effects in abstract and formally aesthetic pictures. Sometimes they resemble drawings with a multilateral message about the world. Sometimes they are like maps with traces of human presence on Earth. His exhibition presents two of his projects which evoke people’s emotions through symbolic and common places, shown in a radically aesthetic way.

Tintype Booth

The Penumbra Foundation is bringing its Tintype Booth back to Photoville this year! If you are looking for a portrait photograph that captures your unique, individual personality, step into our portable tintype photo booth and experience the magic of this 19th century photographic process! Our studio uses period authentic methods, materials and equipment.

Work In Progress
On In Progress Work

Work In Progress On In Progress Work features photographs made in Downtown Brooklyn between 2011-2014, a time when changes in the architecture of the area alone became a monumental manifestation of the rapid socioeconomic shifts in the area.


The Syrian war has created an unprecedented refugee crisis with millions of Syrians displaced. More than 100,000 of them live on a barren stretch of dirt in northern Jordan at the Zaatari refugee camp, now the second largest refugee camp in the world.