When You’re Smiling

When You’re Smiling is an interactive installation, created by international children’s charity Smile Train, where you can sing a line from the classic song to raise awareness of and support for children with clefts in developing countries.


ALIVE! shows both artistic contemplations and human relationships in connection to society in different cultures and stages of life. We invite the viewer to a journey inward as well as outward. Two directions, both equally imortant to experience life to its fullest extent.

The Beauty of the Photo Book

Although we live in a digital age there is more attention for the paper photo book then ever before. Since the invention of the camera phone we started to use photography as a visual language, a language that has no boundaries. On the net we are constantly in contact with the rest of the world. We still have to get used to this ‘brave new world’. The paper photo book represents solidity, something we can literarily hold on to.

Beyond the Finish Line

Jeff Bauman waited at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon to cheer for his girlfriend. In one flash, his life changed. This photo essay, which won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography, documents his arduous recovery.

Body Imaging

The Body Imaging walk-in clinic offers prompt primary photographic attention by a certified photo practitioner; pre-existing conditions a plus and same day diagnostic memento provided free of charge.

Broken Screen

The exhibition Broken Screen displays images, bass-relief illustrations, texts in the form of visual description, and audio fragments from interviews, following a loose thread of individual stories by blind and visually impaired people that all together keep all senses alert and provoke a dialogue about the nature and limitations of vision.


CALL + RESPONSE + RESPONSE, presented by the International Center of Photography featuring the 2015 ICP-Bard MFA Candidates, is an immersive exhibition that demonstrates how photography operates as a conversational tool that initiates engagement and triggers discourse.


Dialogue features the work of current MFA Photography students from Parsons The New School for Design. These talented young artists are actively partaking in a conversation in an effort to resolve essential questions that will shape our rapidly evolving world. They grapple with issues large and small, investigating the private and public, the personal and political, and the pure and profane. The works in this exhibition are a glimpse into the dialogue they have chosen to undertake.

Dreams in Disguise

Luceo’s Dreams in Disguise transforms a cargo container into a large jumboscope through which viewers can follow a sequence of beautiful, moving, high-speed camera work through strategic portholes cut into the container’s skin.

Faces of the Ferry

In recent years, the East River waterfront has exploded with new parks, ambitious developments and transportation alternatives. NY Waterway’s East River Ferry has been a key player in connecting city dwellers and visitors to NYC waterfront destinations. Faces of The Ferry presents a playful, in depth look at Ferry riders and their personal stories.

The Farmers

Over the last several months Tyler Stableford and his photography team have captured fine-art images of national farmers and ranchers, beekeepers, small-batch distillers and other food artisans around the country as part of a Canon portraiture series.

Fearless Genius:
The Digital Revolution in
Silicon Valley 1985-2000

For fifteen years I documented the efforts of a secretive tribe of engineers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley during the digital revolution as they created technology that would change our culture, our behavior and challenge what it means to be human.

Hegemony or Survival

In Hegemony or Survival, Hector Rene Membreno-Canales blends classical still life and portraits with military objects and veterans in alarming juxtapositions of the traditional with the contemporary.

How Can I Help? – An Artful Dialogue

Artists offer sincere and creative interpretations of psychotherapeutic consultation in a pop-up psychotherapy office and photography gallery. Visitors are encouraged to drop-in or schedule a free 15-minute “initial intake” session, during which they may discuss any topic in complete confidence.

Labor Migration From Central Asia to Russia

An estimated 5-6 million people from Central Asia migrate to Russia every year in search of work. The lives of their families depend on remittances that migrants send home, and interdependence between Russia and Central Asia is increasing year by year. This migration flow has significantly impacted the demographic makeup of Central Asian countries, in particular, Kyrgyzstan. According to estimates , one-quarter of Kyrgyzstan’s working-age population (20-50 years old) live and work outside the country and many migrants’ families in Kyrgyzstan are left without people of working age, leaving the younger generation to be raised by their elderly relatives.

In The Car With R

29 notes on photography, Iceland and more. A road trip project about Iceland which Rafal Milach did together with Icelandic writer Huldar Brejdfiord in 2010.

Karczebs (Karczeby)

In eastern Poland, the word Karczebs is used to describe a stubborn tree stump as well as a farmer firmly rooted to the land he cultivates. Adam Panczuk gives a personal look at these people and their way of life.


Köpruüaltı reconstructs the parallel worlds between the explosive street protests that have engulfed Istanbul and the most intimate moments that comprise people’s lives during a time of unprecedented volatility.

La Frontera

Stefan Falke photographed 180 artists along the US-Mexican border in order to show the vibrant cultural side of a region that is usually portrayed by the international media with the sole focus on violent crime.

Land Grabbing

Land Grabbing investigates the whole process of land grab triangulation, using as examples Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Living with Mies

Living with Mies is a series of portraits of residents in their living rooms in the Lafayette Park neighborhood of downtown Detroit, home to the largest collection of Mies van der Rohe-designed buildings in the world.

Narratively: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories

An epidemic of suicide among Indian farmers. Decades on the water with the last fishermen of Long Island. An ex-con who breaks back into his old prison cell. Narratively offers an in-depth look at humanity in all its gritty, edgy, complicated beauty. Photo courtesy of Doug Duntz.

New Photographers

Every year the International Photo Festival offers a stage to new photo talented people.

NYPH Gif Box

PhotoWorld 2014 is a sea of images, wave upon incessant wave of reproductions of, and imagined states of being in, our world right now; what is breaking, what needs to be broken.

Old Drivers

Silence of old motors and dimmed headlights in Old Drivers by Donatas Stankevičius

Picturing the Built Environment

Thirty four members of the Soho Photo Gallery have interpreted the Built Environment theme as part of the gallery’s continuing mission to explore diversity in photography.

Plane Watchers

Plane Watchers, photo series by Annika Haas, follows the extinction of the last of the Soviets in Estonia. The series that contains both portrait and documentary photos reflects the conflict between the followers of the culture of a fading era and a new social order pressing down on them, showing how a group of people hangs on to the past in the teeth of the new rules.

Portraits by Delphine Diallo

A series of portraits that juxtapose reality with imaginary conscience; fashion with documentary photographs; tradition with modernity.

Red Hook: A Journey Through Our Lens

This spring, 15 young people from neighborhoods across Brooklyn were able to participate in a digital photography internship that taught a documentary style of photography focused on issues related to their neighborhoods and self-exploration. The goals of this program were to empower participants, develop their personal voice as artists, and teach them to harness the power of visual storytelling.

Secrets & Lies

As Europe and America are engulfed in the greatest crisis of mutual trust since WWII, as a result of the recent inter-spying revelations, secrets and lies seem to be assuming an ever more crucial character in public life.

Storytelling @ MediaStorm

MediaStorm is an award-winning film production and interactive design firm whose work gives voice and meaning to the most pressing issues of our time.

Stories from Maine

Salt is known for great storytelling and Maine is one of the most unique New England states. Enjoy the great storytelling of Salt documentarians and let us introduce you to the people of and parts of Maine that we find most intriguing.


Testament is a collection of photographs by late Pulitzer prize finalist and photojournalist Chris Hondros spanning over a decade of coverage from most of the world’s conflicts since the late 1990s, including Kosovo, Afghanistan, the West Bank, Iraq, Liberia, Egypt, and Libya.

The Third Day

Henrik Spohler is showing the places where man assumes the role of Creator through various uses of genetic engineering. This project spotlights man’s cultivation of nature and its future. The exhibition is organized by Triennial of Photography Hamburg.

Tierney Fellows 2013

The Tierney Fellowship is in its eleventh year. This is an exhibition spotlighting the 2013 fellowship recipients.

Tunnel People

Tunnel People is a in depth documentary project on the underground homeless made in the mid 1990’s by anthropologist Teun Voeten who lived for 5 months with the homeless in a community in a tunnel under Riverside Park, Manhattan.

Views From A City

Inspired by the scenic vistas of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Photos.com by Getty Images has curated a stunning collection of urban photography – both archival and contemporary – to celebrate our debut exhibition at Photoville. These iconic city images will be available for purchase on site and also as part of the Photoville collection on photos.com.

You Are You

Lindsay Morris’ photo essay, You Are You, documents a weekend summer camp for gender non-conforming children and their families.