Opening of Photoville 2013

Join us for Photoville’s opening celebration!



PhotovilleBrooklyn Bridge ParkJune 23 & 29, 2012© Julienne Schaer

The FENCE 2013

United Photo Industries, Photo District News, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Flash Forward Festival present juror highlights from The FENCE, a summer-long, outdoor photo exhibition that explores the essence of community across cultural boundaries and geographical lines. Curated by MaryAnn Camilleri & Sam Barzilay.

Adventures Across the Seven Seas

Adventures Across the Seven Seas is a curated multimedia presentation of diverse photographic images that navigate humanity’s deep relationship to water – traveling a world connected, dominated, and defined by water. Commissioned by Southampton Center. Curated by Amanda Gorence/Feature Shoot & Sam Barzilay.

Artist for The FENCE:

Adam Hester, Alberto Coto, Alejandro Cartagena, Alexis Pike, Alma Leiva, Anne Berry, Arantxa Cedillo, Arjen Schmitz, Birte Kaufmann, Bob Croslin, Chris Straley, Claire Rosen, Claudia Wiens, Collin LaFleche, Dianne Yudelson, Don Hamerman, Eilon Paz, Francis Crisafio, Greg Miller, Hana Pesut, Ian Addison Hall, Ilona Szwarc, Jaime Travezan & Morgana Vargas Llosa, Jaka Vinsek, Jens Astrup, Ji Yeo, John Delaney, Jordi Pizarro Torrell, Justin Kimball, Kate Burnley, KC Bailey, Kelly James, Kirill Golovchenko, Margeaux Walter, Maria Plotnikova, Matt Black, Matteo Guariso, Matthieu Paley, Mika Goodfriend, Mike McGregor, Miska Draskoczy, Natan Dvir, Pedro Farias-Nardi, Pelle Cass, Philip Greenberg, Phil Jung, Radhika Chalasani, Rebecca Handler, Richard Tuschman, Rita Thompson, Roberta Neidigh, Robin Schwartz, Sam Comen, Sara Macel, Scott Hoyle, Seth Rubin, Stan Raucher.

Artists for Adventures Across the Seven Seas:

Aline Smithson, Andreas Franke, Andreea Waters, Annie Collinge, Ben Gancsos, Brooke White, Christine Caldwell, Corey Arnold, Dan Chatman, David Burdeny, Emine Ziyadtinova, Eric Prinvault, Eydis Einarsdottir, Henry Horenstein, Jan Cieslikiewicz, Jason Florio, Joni Sternbach, Jose Medina, Kat Kiernan, Kerry Mansfield, Lane Collins, Lucia Herrero, Mario Guzman, Mike Finkelstein, Narelle Autio, Neca Dantas, Olena Slyesarenko, Pete Strietmann, Pio de Rose, Sebastian Copeland, Sofie Olsen, Tiina Itkonen, Viktor Koen, Wayne Lawrence, Wayne Levin.

Daylight 10 Year Anniversary


Saturday, September 21 – 7PM
Photoville Beergarden


Featuring highlights from Daylight’s
multimedia program.

Curated by Daylight

Daylight is a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing art and photography books. By exploring the documentary mode along with the more conceptual concerns of fine-art, Daylight’s uniquely collectible publications work to revitalize the relationship between art, photography, and the world-at-large.

A Screening of highlights from Daylight’s multimedia program during their 10 Year Anniversary Celebration, including:

Stephen Dupont: Narcostan
Danny Wilcox Frazier: Driftless
Alexandra Boulat: A Requiem
Darren Hauck: Elections in Guatemala
Olaf Otto Becker: Greenland 2003-2006
Jodi Bieber: Looking for Love in Las Vegas
Sarah Pickering: Fire Scene
Peter Van Agtmael: Five Years in Iraq
Joseph Johnson: Megachurch
Joshua Lutz: Meadowlands
Battlespace Project: Gaith Abdul Ahad, Christoph Bangert, Guy Calaf, Andrew Cutraro, Balazs Gardi, Ashley Gilbertson, Eros Hoagland, Jason Howe, Michael Kamber, Yuri Kozyrev, Teru Kuwayama, Rita Leistner, Ben Lowy, Jared Moossy, Jehad Nga, Lucian Read, Moises Saman, Stephanie Sinclair, Peter van Agtmael, Luke Wolagiewicz, Alvaro Ybarra Zavala, Stefan Zaklin, Zoriah
Daylight Magazine Issue #6: The Atomic Issue Teaser
John Duncan: Bonfires
Daylight Magazine Issue #7: Agriculture Issue Teaser
Christopher Sims: Guantanamo
In Memoriam: Lucie Foundation
Jeff Rich: Watershed
Andrea Diefenbach: AIDS in Odessa
Evan Abramson: Bolivian World Tour
Lisa Ross: To Mark A Prayer
Pirkle Jones: In Memorial (Obit)
Helen Levitt: In Memorial (Obit)
Jehad Nga: My Shadow My Opponent 

Natan Dvir: Shelter
Keliy Anderson-Staley: Off the Grid
Simon Menner: Metacity
Uwe Schober: Nachklang
Jeanette Williams: The Bathers
Christopher Churchill: Faith
Jake Simkin: Skateistan
Daylight Magazine Issue #8: Afghanistan
Larry Sultan: In Memorial (Obit)
Martin Roemers: Relics
Ikuru Kuwajima: Cossacks
Wei Leng Tay: Interior Living
Will Steacy: Down These Mean Streets
Francois Schaer: Toreros Maya
Nick Hannes: Red Journey
Nandita Raman: Playhouse
Tribble & Mancenido: Hurry Up and Wait
Alec Soth + Martin Parr interview: Brighton Photo Biennial
Erika Larsen: Sami
Joel Sternfeld: iDubai
David Hurn: Passing Time
Tim Freccia: Mogadishu
Milton Rogovin: In Memorial (obit)
Bruce Haley: Sunder teaser
Alejandro Cartagena: Suburbia Mexicana teaser
Jon Edwards: A Life
Lacey Terrell: offSET
Brad Temkin: Rooftop


The FotoVisura Annual: A Night Projection


Sunday, September 22 – 7.30PM
Photoville Beergarden

Andrea Gjestvang

Featuring Jenn Ackerman, Poulomi Basu, Alan Charlesworth, Christopher Gregory, Emer Gillespie, Andrea Gjestvang, Elizabeth D. Herman, Nicolas Janowski, Karolina Jonderko, Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, Diana Markosian, Florian Müller, Jashim Salam, and Fabian Weiss.

Curated by Sam Barzilay and Graham Letorney
Presented by The FotoVisura Pavilion

Photography, as a mode of communication, has a particular quality of addressing us without speaking down to us. The distance between viewer and subject can be reconciled with the intimacy of studying and inspecting each detail of a photograph. This exhibition seeks to inspire dialogue & quiet conversations with the viewer, transcending cultural and political boundaries.

The exhibition Dialog & Quiet Conversations consists of 12 stories selected from the top finalists of the most recent FotoVisura Grant. Each project presents an intimate account that is either personal to the photographer or so important to society that he or she was driven to act with the hopes of bringing awareness to the cause and advocating for change.

FotoVisura inc. is a creative firm dedicated to publishing, production, design, consultations, and online media. Sponsored by the Viso Lizardi family, FV Inc. launched The FotoVisura Pavilion in 2009—a physical space dedicated to exhibitions and panel discussions on photography worldwide.


Question Bridge: Black males

Question Bridge: Black males

Thursday, September 26 – 7PM
Photoville Beergarden

Created by Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith, Kamal Sinclair

Curated by Bayeté Ross Smith

Presented by Question Bridge

Question Bridge: Black Males opens a window onto the complex and often unspoken dialogue among Black men, creating an intimate and essentially genuine experience for viewers and subjects. This project brings the full spectrum of what it means to be “black” and “male” in America to the forefront. “Blackness” ceases to be a simple, monochromatic concept.

By creating an identity container (e.g. “Black” and “Male”), then creating a way of releasing the diversity of identities and thought within that container, we can break the container. Question Bridge strives to make it more difficult to say, “Black Males are___.” If we succeed in deconstructing stereotypes about arguably the most opaque and feared demographic in America, then the Question Bridge model can work to overcome limiting assumptions about any demographic, therefore moving the needle on implicit bias.




Friday, September 27 @ 7PM
Photoville Beergarden

Featuring Elinor Carucci, Wayne Lawrence, and Paolo Woods.

Curated by Frank Evers

© Wayne Lawrence
© Wayne Lawrence

© Elinor Carucci
© Elinor Carucci

INSTITUTE TELLS STORIES is an evening presentation by artists Elinor Carucci, Wayne Lawrence and Paolo Woods, who will be presenting their latest bodies of work.

INSTITUTE is a leading visual storytelling company, working with many of the best documentary and fine artists in the world.

Its artist roster includes Elinor Carucci, David Chancellor, Michal Chelbin, Robert Clark, Rena Effendi, Gabriele Galimberti, Lauren Greenfield, Alexander Gronsky, Yann Gross, Guillaume Herbaut, Wayne Lawrence, Jocelyn Lee, James Longley, Gerd Ludwig, David Maisel, Rafal Milach, Zed Nelson, Matthew Niederhauser, Simon Norfolk, Kate Peters, Riverboom, Paul Shambroom, and Paolo Woods.

© Paolo Woods
© Paolo Woods


MediaStorm Presents

Storytelling @ MediaStorm

Friday, September 20 – 7PM
Photoville Beergarden

Curated by Brian Storm

Presented by MediaStorm

Brian Storm will present on digital storytelling and the cinematic narrative. Citing work by his production company, Storm will emphasize how storytelling continues to evolve as a result of technological innovations and an expanding media universe. The digital age gives filmmakers, documentary photographers and photojournalists extraordinary and unprecedented new ways to tell stories.

Brian Storm is founder and executive producer of the award-winning multimedia production studio MediaStorm based in Brooklyn, New York.

MediaStorm’s principal aim is to usher in the next generation of multimedia storytelling by publishing social documentary projects incorporating photojournalism, interactivity, animation, audio and video for distribution across multiple media.

Prior to launching MediaStorm in 2005, Storm spent two years as vice president of News, Multimedia & Assignment Services for Corbis, a digital media agency founded and owned by Bill Gates. From 1995 to 2002 he was director of multimedia at

Storm received his master’s degree in photojournalism in 1995 from the University of Missouri. He lives in New York City and can be reached via [email protected].

MediaStorm is an award-winning film production and interactive design studio whose work gives voice and meaning to the most pressing issues of our time. Our stories demystify complex issues, humanize statistics, and inspire audiences to take action on issues that matter.

MediaStorm has led a paradigm shift in digital storytelling. Our in-depth reporting and original use of audio, video, and graphics create compelling stories that get noticed. In the past five years alone, we have been nominated for 17 Emmy Awards and won two Alfred Dupont Awards.



Saturday, September 28 – 7PM
Photoville Beergarden

Featuring Cedric Gerbeheye, Chris Milk, David Maurice Smith, Gillian Laub, Jeff Harris, Jeff Scher, Joe Guerriero, Kerry Payne, Lauren Fleishman, Maisie Crow, Mark Peterson, Michael “Nick” Nichols, National Film Board of Canada, Olivia Bee, Peter van Agtmael, Rachel Seed, Rick Mereki, Robert Covington, Seán Ó Cualáin, Supranav Dash, Tim Matsui, TJ Kirkpatrick

Curated by Kira Pollack

Presented by Slideluck

SLIDELUCK XVII at Photoville 2013: a multimedia slideshow combined with a potluck dinner. Our 17th global mainstage show in NYC will exclusively focus on multimedia work and will be curated by Kira Pollack, Director of Photography for TIME Magazine. Guests are encouraged to bring a home-cooked dish to share and additional consumables will be available through on-site food trucks and the Brooklyn Brewery bar.

Kira Pollack joined TIME as the Director of Photography in October 2009. She oversees the photographic vision of TIME, and TIME on the iPad. In 2011, she was named Photo Editor of the Year by the Lucie Awards she was awarded an Emmy for TIME’s Beyond 9/11 project the same year. Previously, Pollack spent 11 years in the photo department at The New York Times Magazine and prior to that, The New Yorker.

Slideluck ( is a non-profit dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. Since 2000, we have hosted potluck dinners combined with multimedia slideshows in over 75 cities worldwide and presented the work of over 6000 artists and photographers. At each event, guests bring home-cooked dishes to share and the feast is followed by a slideshow of 20-25 local artists, ranging from emerging to very established. From Stockholm to Bogotá to Vancouver, events range in size from 100 to 1000 participants and draw an engaged, eclectic mix of participants and members of the photo community.

The FotoVisura Annual: A Night Projection

The FotoVisura Pavilion sponsored by The Viso Lizardi Family Presents

The FotoVisura Annual: A Night Projection

Featuring Andrea Gjestvang, Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, Poulomi Basu, Jashim Salam, Elizabeth D. Herman, Karolina Jonderko, Christopher Gregory, Jenn Ackerman, Fabian Weiss, Emer Gillespie, Nicolas Janowski, Alejandro Olivares, Alan Charlesworth, Diana Markosian, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Florian Müller, Kiana Hayeri

Curated by Sam Barzilay and Graham Letorney

© Sara Naomi Lewkowicz
© Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

This exhibition seeks to showcase outstanding personal projects by photographers worldwide—who also demonstrate the characteristics of leadership, dedication, commitment and interest in taking action by using their images to bring about awareness to a specific cause or situation in today’s world. Each project is the result of individual voices resonating worldwide. This projection celebrates emerging leaders in photography, who are part of the FotoVisura International community.

SAM BARZILAY: Co-Founder and Creative Director at United Photo Industries and Photoville /// GRAHAM LETORNEY: Co-founder, Art Director and Web Producer at FotoVisura Inc; Guest Curator of 100 Words: Photographers Speak for NPR’s ‘Picture Show’ Blog; Editor of Visura Magazine’s Spotlight.

FotoVisura inc. is a creative firm dedicated to publishing, production, design, consultations, and online media. Sponsored by the Viso Lizardi family, FV Inc. launched The FotoVisura Pavilion in 2009—a physical space dedicated to exhibitions and panel discussions on photography worldwide.