Workshop: Make What You Make Look Great – An Intro to Product Photography

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park Classroom

Date: Sunday, September 20th

Time: 2:00PM-4:00PM

Featuring: Evi Abeler

Presented by: Big Leo Productions

Evi-Abeler (1)
Geared toward crafters, makers, and small business owners, this workshop offer some tips and tools to simply style, light and photograph your product and make it look amazing! Participants should bring a camera (a cell phone camera is fine!) and a small piece to shoot, and our instructors will guide you through the process of creating interesting and unique photos that you can use in your online store or in your marketing materials.

The workshop will be led by a product photographer and a product stylist who will provide a few basic ‘place settings’ that students can use to arrange their work with guidance from the instructors on how (and why) to use certain color schemes, when and where to introduce different textures and how to use mostly natural lighting to bring out the beauty of your homemade and hand-crafted wares.

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Evi-Abeler Evi Abeler
As a food and still life photographer, I work with with clients in the food world to communicate the love, passion, and flavour that go into every project. My images focus on the natural beauty of food and objects, including the striking colors and distinct textures. I work with each client to ensure the message and taste they want to share are clear and vivid.

Growing up in rural Germany, I lived a farm-to-table experience. My grandmother would wash muddy carrots, pluck feathers from freshly slaughtered chickens, and cook the game that my grandfather, an avid hunter, brought home. The rich smells from the stove are still a lovely memory for me. The gift of a camera at an early age sparked a new passion, which I explored further in high school, and which eventually brought me to New York City to earn a master’s degree in fine art photography.

Clients include Food & Wine Magazine, Rodale, HarperCollins, the Food Network and Whole Foods Markets. I am represented by Big Leo Productions. In addition to my work, I offer photography training to culinary ventures, collaborate with pastry chef Albane Sharrard on the recipe blog Whip+Click and am the food photography expert at

BIG_LEO_RGBBig Leo Productions is an agency representing an unparalleled team of visual content creators comprised of multimedia photographers, directors, and stylists. Our artists specialize in food, lifestyle, portraits, interiors, kids, and entertaining for all media. We provide our clients with every option from creative concepts to the final product. Our experience coupled with our long-standing strategic partnerships makes everything possible.