Portfolio Review Happy Hour

Location: Photoville Pavilion

Date: Friday, September 11th

Time: 6:00PM-7:00PM

This event is part of Luminance at Photoville presented by PhotoShelter.
A full day conference pass ($20) includes admission to all six panels plus breakfast, lunch and admission to the peer review happy hour. Click here to purchase a pass.

Bring your portfolio, book or iPad, grab a beer, and get ready to get and give some unbiased feedback on your and your peers’ portfolios in this informal peer portfolio review event hosted by PhotoShelter. Think of it as a portfolio review without the pressure of being in front of a potential buyer – or like speed dating for photographers! You’ll give your feedback on a few portfolios, you’ll get some on yours, and we guarantee you’ll walk away with some new ideas – and feel good about helping out fellow photographers. What’s better than that? The event takes place in the Photoville Beer Garden – and the first drink is on us!

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