For almost three years Sebastian Denz has been traveling across Europe to shoot a series of 3D photographs with more than 20 members of the carhartt skateboard team. The result of his work is a series of spatial photographs in a quality never seen before.

For his project SKATEBOARDING.3D, Denz developed a unique 8 x 10 inch large-format-stereo-apparatus called ‘Stein’, that his friend and custom camera specialist Dr. Kurt Gilde built for him. His exhibitions show some of the professional skaters in life-sized 3D-images:

“(…) Actually, though, nothing else takes place, beyond the fact that the viewer’s imagination has to fill in and add to the geometric space of the image, so that his own metaphysical ‘reality’ can unfold, as it were, while this geometrical space also takes on a phantasmagoric component.” (Klaus Honnef)

The book SKATEBOARDING.3D was published by Prestel (Munich · Berlin · London · New York). His work won several awards and was presented in more than 30 exhibitions and art fairs worldwide.

Sebastian Denz is a Professor for photography and spatial media at the design akademie berlin, SRH University, Germany.

He studied architecture followed by photography and fine arts in Hanover and Bielefeld. His works are in collections, national and international exhibitions.

Additional University teaching assignments and invited talks at the San Francisco Art Institute, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, PWSFTviT Filmschool Łódź, Berlinale etc.