Presented by Luceo

Featuring: Luceo

Submerged is a video installation that envisions our world from the constantly shifting perspective of just below the rippling surface of a quiet pond.  The work consists of a series of video portraits produced and lit with precision and then filtered through the dappled lens of water.  This work is custom-produced as a Photoville piece and installed in a manner that enhances the viewers’ experience.  The film is projected from above onto a projection screen located on the ceiling of the container.  The projection is filtered through a thin layer of rippling water, shining light onto the “submerged” viewers who are seated in upward-facing recliners at the end of the container.  For viewers waiting their turn, the glowing, watery-blue light that shines down onto those seated in the recliners will further encourage creativity in making photographs of those seated in the chairs, replicating the projected work in their personal Instagram feeds.