NYC Salt: Preserving art education through teen photography programming

Presented by NYC SALT

Curated by Michael Bocchieri, Alicia Hansen, and Gabe Biderman

Featuring: Rami Abouemira, Saida Blair, Ashley Bordoy, Jason Bravo, Austin Canales, Kayla Cerda, Sindra DeJesus, Sterling Diaz, Nia Gordon, Danny Martinez, Rashawn Meeks, Nora Molina, Christian Ogando, Kamal Robinson,Christian Rodriguez, Allyssa Rubino, Malike Sidibe, Irvin Vega, and Henry Zapata

Technology drives every aspect of the photo industry and in the hands of a young mind we find inspiring results. Digital photography becomes an empowering tool to a teenager. It allows them to have an artistic voice at an age they are learning to find themselves. They are able to explore their world with a camera in hand and develop meaningful relationships with their subjects. The Photoville venue will showcase the award winning photography portfolios our students have created to show a raw, unfiltered look of their world.

SALT The mission of NYC SALT is to engage our students through professionally-led volunteer instruction in photography and digital technology, to inspire our students by exposing them to the professional world of the visual arts, and to empower our students with strong values and opportunities to achieve higher education and greater access to stable and rewarding careers.