Presented by Leica Camera USA & Digital Silver Imaging

Curated by J. Sybylla Smith

Featuring Mark Mann

The hardest part about photographing ‘celebrities’ is usually their natural defenses. If you can break that down for a moment, you can usually capture something special. My goal is always to make an honest portrait, to get behind the wall. For me, this usually happens in the first few frames, as after that the mind wanders and you can lose them. Its important for me to have the light and exposure just right before the first frame as often I’ve found the first frame is the one. Avedon was the master at this and often had his shot before the subject knew what happened. I hope that in these curated photos the viewer gets to see some of the personality of these wonderful subjects.

Mark Mann is a portrait photographer with a focus on notable personalities. He and his sense of humor hail from Glasgow, Scotland. After studying photography at the prestigious Manchester City University and assisting such photographers as Nick Knight and Miles Aldridge, he moved to New York where he has lived for many years. Mann has had the privilege of photographing Presidents, A-list actors, Pulitzer Prize winning authors, Grammy-winning musicians, as well as Luchadors in Mexico. Mark’s camera of choice is the Leica S system, but he also enjoys shooting large format with his vintage Graflex Meredith. He has had solo exhibitions in New York, London, Miami, Los Angeles, and Madrid. Most notably in the Hearst Tower where his 80 portraits celebrating 80 years of Esquire magazine were shown.


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