Flora & Fauna

Presented by Feature Shoot

Curated by Feature Shoot’s 25K+ Instagram followers

Featuring: Andrea Bakacs, Federico Ciamei, Ramsay de Give, Brooke DiDonato, Mediha DiMartino, Yurko Dyachyshyn, Jon Feinstein, Fiona Filipidis, Sophie Gamand, Kari Herer, Winky Lewis, Kevin McCollum, Emma McEvoy, Ruairidh McGlynn, Yiğithan Özden, Liam Sinnott, Elizabeth Stowe, Kate Sweeney, Hajdu Tamas, Meg Wachter, Sarah Wilmer, and Thomas Wilson

Flora & Fauna, presented by the photography website Feature Shoot, is a show about plants and animals curated by Feature Shoot’s 25K+ Instagram followers. Over a period of 3 weeks, we sorted through over 9,000 images and posted over 400 images to Instagram, inviting our followers to vote. Our followers cast their votes simply by “liking” the image(s) on Instagram, and the 25 most popular images from 22 photographers around the world are presented in this show.

Winning images run the gamut from a pit bull wearing a floral crown to birds swarming above an abandoned farm house in rural Texas.

While the theme of the show is lighthearted, the process was an experiment, as we gave control of the exhibition over to the crowd. Some of the most obvious questions/concerns we had were: Would the submitters with the most Instagram followers win? Are there certain “styles” of photography that will be more popular over others? Would the exhibition be filled with cats?

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