Constructed Identities

Presented by Crusade for Art Brooklyn

Curated by Liz Arenberg, Sara Macel, and Jennifer Schwartz

Featuring Liz Arenberg, Mia Berg, Nicholas Calcott, Sean Carroll, Maureen Drennan, Sara Fox, Sara Macel, Minta Maria, Tim Melideo, and Charlotte Strode

A group of ten Brooklyn artists explore the theme of ‘Constructed Identities’ through their interaction with the world around them and how the environment and culture shapes how they see themselves.

Brooklyn CfA As the local Brooklyn chapter of Crusade for Art, we are a collective of like-minded artists working to create demand for art and opportunities to collect it. Crusade for Art is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Jennifer Schwartz whose mission is to engage new audiences with art.