Age of Uncertainty

Presented by Purchase College, SUNY

Curated by Kristine Potter and Joshua Lutz

Featuring: Dustina Sherbine, Daniel Naman, Molly Flores, Skyler Maggiore, Carly Moreno, Daniel Bracken, Brittany Petronella, Gianna Sergovich, Grace Tyson, Christopher Postlewaite

“Age of Uncertainty” features the work of current and recent alumni from Purchase College’s BFA and MFA departments. The selected works represent how these emerging artists use lens-based media to engage with contemporary issues and questions of our time. As the binary reasoning of our past becomes complicated by the nuances of today, these young artists investigate the shifting lines of the public and private. They grapple with the personal and political. Inwardly, they question trust, issues of exploitation and decency. Outwardly, their keen introspection of capital and labor makes them slippery targets and savvy practitioners of a kind of comic appropriation. As the applications of “photography” expand, so too does their use of the medium. The work in this exhibition exemplifies the pluralism of thought and approach as is practiced in the larger body of artists working at Purchase College.

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