The People of South Ethiopia

Nominated by Elizabeth Avedon

Featuring Nigel Morris


In the Spring of 2014, I traveled to Ethiopia for the first time. I have always loved the history of Ethiopia, and viewed it more as a home going, then a vacation. Ethiopia is known as the cradle of mankind, and is extremely rich in culture, and I wanted to immerse myself in it. I never thought that by immersing myself so deeply in Ethiopian culture, that I would learn so much about myself. It was one of the most spiritual and emotionally satisfying experiences that I have ever had in my lifetime. The portraits you see here, were made out of pride, respect, and my desire to portray these beautiful people in a dignified fashion.

My name is Nigel Morris. I am a portrait and editorial photographer, based in Brooklyn, New York. The reason I choose to shoot people exclusively is quite simple; For every person that has ever been in front of my camera, I see some of myself in them, in some way. I get a kick out of the fact that, no matter our differences, physically, mentally, or whatever, we are still the same in many ways. It’s something I look forward to discovering, with every shoot.