The Disturbing Beauty of Sphynx Cats


Nominated by Stella Kramer

Featuring Alicia Rius

Hairless cats are odd, rare and definitely not known for being ‘beautiful’. I am drawn to their alien looks.  There’s something disturbing yet eerie that astonishes me every time I look at one of them. In this body of work I explore the beauty of the Sphinx within that oddity.

With their piercing eyes, wrinkled bodies and knack for placing themselves in jarring positions; without fluffy and fancy coats, the Sphinx shows what a true cat is in every fold and movement. They are raw, exposed, vulnerable.  When you let your eyes linger on these alien forms, framed in shadows to reveal every curve and expression, it’s easier to see the beauty hiding in their tiny, naked frames.

Alicia Rius
Animals and photography have always been part of my life since I was a kid. My dad and aunt were avid photographers; and me, I was the crazy kid bringing home all sorts of animals. My passion for animals has pushed me to explore their beauty and uniqueness. I want to capture the elusive mood of the animal’s personality and expressions, allowing them to be themselves with no promptings. There is still a lot to be explored with my animal photography. I look to create vibrant and unique images in a classical way to evoke emotions in the viewer. Being outdoors, and cloudy days make me happiest.