Daylight 10 Year Anniversary


Saturday, September 21 – 7PM
Photoville Beergarden


Featuring highlights from Daylight’s
multimedia program.

Curated by Daylight

Daylight is a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing art and photography books. By exploring the documentary mode along with the more conceptual concerns of fine-art, Daylight’s uniquely collectible publications work to revitalize the relationship between art, photography, and the world-at-large.

A Screening of highlights from Daylight’s multimedia program during their 10 Year Anniversary Celebration, including:

Stephen Dupont: Narcostan
Danny Wilcox Frazier: Driftless
Alexandra Boulat: A Requiem
Darren Hauck: Elections in Guatemala
Olaf Otto Becker: Greenland 2003-2006
Jodi Bieber: Looking for Love in Las Vegas
Sarah Pickering: Fire Scene
Peter Van Agtmael: Five Years in Iraq
Joseph Johnson: Megachurch
Joshua Lutz: Meadowlands
Battlespace Project: Gaith Abdul Ahad, Christoph Bangert, Guy Calaf, Andrew Cutraro, Balazs Gardi, Ashley Gilbertson, Eros Hoagland, Jason Howe, Michael Kamber, Yuri Kozyrev, Teru Kuwayama, Rita Leistner, Ben Lowy, Jared Moossy, Jehad Nga, Lucian Read, Moises Saman, Stephanie Sinclair, Peter van Agtmael, Luke Wolagiewicz, Alvaro Ybarra Zavala, Stefan Zaklin, Zoriah
Daylight Magazine Issue #6: The Atomic Issue Teaser
John Duncan: Bonfires
Daylight Magazine Issue #7: Agriculture Issue Teaser
Christopher Sims: Guantanamo
In Memoriam: Lucie Foundation
Jeff Rich: Watershed
Andrea Diefenbach: AIDS in Odessa
Evan Abramson: Bolivian World Tour
Lisa Ross: To Mark A Prayer
Pirkle Jones: In Memorial (Obit)
Helen Levitt: In Memorial (Obit)
Jehad Nga: My Shadow My Opponent 

Natan Dvir: Shelter
Keliy Anderson-Staley: Off the Grid
Simon Menner: Metacity
Uwe Schober: Nachklang
Jeanette Williams: The Bathers
Christopher Churchill: Faith
Jake Simkin: Skateistan
Daylight Magazine Issue #8: Afghanistan
Larry Sultan: In Memorial (Obit)
Martin Roemers: Relics
Ikuru Kuwajima: Cossacks
Wei Leng Tay: Interior Living
Will Steacy: Down These Mean Streets
Francois Schaer: Toreros Maya
Nick Hannes: Red Journey
Nandita Raman: Playhouse
Tribble & Mancenido: Hurry Up and Wait
Alec Soth + Martin Parr interview: Brighton Photo Biennial
Erika Larsen: Sami
Joel Sternfeld: iDubai
David Hurn: Passing Time
Tim Freccia: Mogadishu
Milton Rogovin: In Memorial (obit)
Bruce Haley: Sunder teaser
Alejandro Cartagena: Suburbia Mexicana teaser
Jon Edwards: A Life
Lacey Terrell: offSET
Brad Temkin: Rooftop