Only in Burundi

Anaïs López & Eva Smallegange Presents

Only in Burundi

Featuring Anaïs López & Eva Smallegange

Curated by Marga Rotteveel and Michl Sommer

The past two years photographer Anaïs López and writer Eva Smallegange worked on this project and eventually succeeded in making a new book about Burundi: a book with a positive outlook, containing personal stories of Koky, their guide and the main narrator. He tells about his childhood and introduces ten of his friends from different strata of society such as the manioc miller from whom he buys his flour, the princess who was once engaged to his brother, the president, and his cousin the cow herder. They share their view on what you need to survive in this intriguing country, five years after the ending of the civil war that raged for years: to get things done you need the right connections.

The exhibition shows their journey in an ingenious way. Photos of different size and thickness, colored tape that connects the different images and stories and audio fragments immerse the viewer in the world of their guide, Koky, and the viewer discovers modern day Burundi through his eyes.

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Anaïs López (1981) is a documentary photographer. She uses photography as a means to show her audience a different view of the world around them. ‘Only in Burundi’ is her third book.

Eva Smallegange (1981) is a PhD-candidate and a pedagogue. She lived and worked in Burundi in 2006-2007. This country full of contrast and its inhabitants grabbed her and never let her go. Eva returns regularly to Burundi for matters of work, but especially to visit what has become her second home.