Drawn to Water: NYC H2O

East River Ferry Presents


Featuring Various Artists

As you glide along in a ferry-boat on New York City’s magnificent East River waterway, this commute is the right moment to pause and contemplate our relationship to water. From the ancient Persian kings beating the sea with chains, to Vikings sailing to new lands, to modern-day surfers riding the waves, mankind has always been in awe of water’s immense presence and power – and has sought to explore and tame it.

To celebrate the success of Drawn To Water (a floating photographic exhibition) the East River Ferry invited photographers to share their favorite photos that illustrates the relationship between NYC and H2O.

I’mara Moore
Mustafa Önder
Eugene Gannon
Reuben Hernandez
John Washburn
Keith Goldstein
Margarita Pirovska
Tiffany Pham
Dan Chatman
Jonathan Figueroa
Lisa Mackie
Erica Price
Rachel Alban
Toni Tan
Karen Bell
Piotr Pietrus
Michael Robbins
Kait Ebinger
Roberto Vincitore
Josh Wertheimer
Garrett Zuercher
Crystal Davino
Bekka Payack
Shizuka Minami
Tobias Batz
Damon Pablo Escudero
Lindsay Giuffrida
William McMillian
Kia Carbone
Sheri Behr
Andreea Waters
Patrick Sasso
Dorothy Clementson
Jonathan VanAntwerpen
Cacy Forgenie
Robert Johnson
Alanna Wilson
Joshua Reynolds
Melissa Estro

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