Canberra Lab in collaboration with the Centenary of Canberra Presents:

A Rolling Grounds of Contemporary Fiction

Featuring Canberra Lab, Lee Grant, Alex James, Ronan Moss, Stella Rae Zelnik and other Canberra photographers whose work is drawn from a Centenary of Canberra publication 100 Views of Canberra by PhotoAccess

Curated by Ronan Moss & Julian Hobba

Canberraville: A Rolling Grounds of Contemporary Fiction, presents a microcosm of Canberra. The exhibition views Canberra through a fresh lens, revealing a place with a rich and layered urban existence. Artists including Lee Grant, Ronan Moss, Stella Rae Zelnik and Alex James reveal this contemporary story.

In the first space images from a range of Canberra based photographers represent a cross section of contemporary Canberra life. The photographers were drawn together in a publication by local photographic exhibition space PhotoAccess, 100 Views of Canberra. It is a picture of a planned city built on a grand vision, now grown up as a home for hundreds of thousands of unplanned lives.

Canberra Lab is the actualisation of a latent desire of a group of young architects and designers to establish a discourse within Canberra’s design community. Through building platforms to critique, discuss and discover Canberra’s built environment Canberra Lab fosters an exoteric dialogue between architecture, design and art.

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, one of only a few planned capital cities in the world. 12 March 2013 marked 100 years since the city was named at a ceremony in a bare paddock that is now the heart of a thriving twenty first century city. The Centenary of Canberra is a year long, multifaceted celebration of arts, science, sport and community revealing Canberra’s past, present and future. Under the creative directorship of Robyn Archer, the Centenary program supports projects like Canberraville, which demonstrate Canberra’s vitality and innovative spirit.

Canberraville is a Centenary of Canberra project proudly supported by the ACT Government and the Australian Government through the Australian Consulate in New York. The project is produced by Canberra Lab with assistance from PhotoAccess.